Gluten-free snacks UK

Lovemore has an extensive range of gluten-free and wheat-free products from cakes, biscuits, tarts and pies to crispbreads and a comprehensive range of vegan products.

Finding the ideal gluten-free snacks in the UK can be a tough process. There is a limited range of delicious free-from snacks compared to regular foods. Small sections in supermarkets can lead to those on a gluten-free diet having little choice. Some don’t taste that great, which can lead to money wasted.

There is often tribulation finding snacks that suit customers’ needs, whether that’s nutritious gluten-free, naturally gluten-free products, or value for money. That’s where we come in.

Lovemore's Gluten-Free Snacks UK

Since launching back in 2008, Lovemore has become a market leader in the gluten-free industry worldwide. We aim to provide a unique tasting experience to our customers while developing new and exciting products.

With a combination of optimal quality products, great teamwork, constant innovation and excellent customer service, you can guarantee you’ll get excellent service and top quality products from us.

We’ve won many awards, including ‘winner of winners’ at the Welsh business awards and secured success through overseas trade link title, and we’re still improving.

People are increasing their awareness of food intolerances and opting for a healthier lifestyle, and that’s where Lovemore comes in. Since we launched, they’ve been perfecting their products and today; they are some of the best gluten-free creations in the world and the perfect choice if you have a gluten intolerance or you’re looking to have less gluten in your diet.

Products are made in the UK and exported to many countries. Whether you live in a small town in America or a large city in Spain, Lovemore can deliver fantastic gluten-free products to your doorstep, so you never have to go without again.

Did you know that “1 in 100 people have Coeliac disease, but only 30% of people with the condition have been diagnosed?” (Coeliac UK). Gluten is a protein found in barley and wheat. Oats and Rye can also be problematic. This can lead to skin issues, abdominal pains and bloating. The good news is that you opt for Lovemore as an alternative to gluten.

There are hundreds of gluten-free snacks to choose from. Choose from the delightful range of cake, cookies and biscuit options or choose from the mouthwatering selection of tarts and pies. We even have an extensive range of vegan products – always wheat and gluten-free.

Whether you’ve just got a diagnosis or you’re trying to live a healthier lifestyle, you can guarantee optimal service and the best product from us. We also provide wholesale products and individually wrapped items for those in the foodservice industry so you can meet the dietary requirements of your customers, so they never have to go without.

Find our products in major retailers such as Waitrose, Co-op, Budgens and Ocado, or browse our online shop. You’ll also find us on the Spanish Airline, Vueling, and Tesco Europe. We’re excited to be part of the Morrisons national TV advert later this year!

The Best Lovemore Gluten-Free Snacks

Lovemore has an extensive range of products handpicked for all your gluten-free diet needs. Our recipes have been hand perfected by a team of experts for over ten years. Try our delicious range of cake, biscuits and pies (some of the best in the world) or indulge in our range of crispbreads and vegan products.

Here are some of our top products to try.

Gluten-Free Cherry Bakewells

Tried and tested, our gluten-free cherry Bakewells have a moist sponge flavoured with almond, sufficed with a sweet fruit jam, and finished with a delicious, perfectly creamy icing to devour. We can ensure you’ll be buying these Bakewells again and again after tasting the perfect blend of flavours for the perfect dessert.

Gluten-Free Oat Crunch Cookies

The oat crunch cookies are baked to perfection and have the perfect colour, slightly browned to give the cookies an excellent crunch that you’ll only ever find in our cookies. The cookies go well with a cup of tea or coffee for the perfect snack, so you can have a treat while your body takes in vital nutrients.

Gluten-Free Chocolate Muffins

Our delicious gluten-free chocolate muffins are filled with dark chocolate chips and have a perfect consistency. Bite into one of the muffins to find a soft texture, accompanied with a smooth chocolate dip for the perfect naughty treat, so you’ll never have to go without chocolate again.

Wide Range of Gluten-Free Snacks UK

We have a wide range of products to choose from to suit all your gluten-free needs, from healthy alternatives to mouthwatering cakes and vegan options. Choosing from the Lovemore selection means you’ll never go without, and you’ll have a gluten-free replacement for everything you could wish for.

Here are the types of snacks you can choose from:


Whether you need a selection of gluten-free snacks to top up your store cupboard, individually wrapped to eat on the go or a celebration cake, we have it all. Try our mouthwatering chocolate celebration cake free from wheat AND gluten and decorate it how you please to surprise someone special.

For delicious free-from foods on the go, try our gluten-free zesty lemon cake slices made with natural lemon and deliciously crunchy sugar topping for a naughty treat. Make sure you try our individually wrapped Scottish shortbread – the perfect crunch for your morning tea or coffee or a wonderful snack.

Cookies & Biscuits

Our extensive range of cookies and biscuits has everything you could wish for. Try eating our double chocolate cookies made with rich Belgian chocolate chunks, or try our freshly baked gingerbread men, perfect for dipping or the ideal treat for kids.

Try our separately wrapped biscuit packs or choose from our sharing packs. If you’re in the foodservice industry, products will meet your customer’s dietary needs whilst giving them a fantastic taste experience. We sell cookies and biscuit choices in individually wrapped packets – perfect for hotel rooms.

Tarts & Pies

With our range of tarts and pies, you certainly won’t miss out on amazing desserts. Enjoy eating our shortcrust pastry mini apple pies that are not only gluten-free but wheat and milk free (we promise you won’t miss the wheat flour) – filled with Bramley apples and topped with a thin sugar coating and baked to perfection.

Our cherry Bakewells are made with a deliciously moist almond sponge and a sweet raspberry jam filling, eaten as the perfect snack.


Finding products that are both vegan or vegetarian and gluten-free can be challenging. Our products have a tasty flavour, so good that you’ll keep coming back again and again. Create healthy meals and great gluten-free snacking options.

Try our gluten-free crispbreads, a guilt-free snack with a hearty crunch and only 378 calories. Each pack contains two individually wrapped packets so you can enjoy delicious crispbreads on the go. For a delightful delicacy, try our range of biscuits.

Try the Mind-blowing o’choccos, indulge in a mouthwatering packet of custard creams or try our sweet jammy wheels, a ‘melt in your mouth’ sandwich filled with sweet raspberry jam with an amazing taste.


Crispbreads are one of the healthiest snack options out there, with plenty of vitamins and minerals. You can keep an eye on the number of calories you’re consuming while indulging in our tasty crispbreads, which have a hearty crunch.

Crush them up, dip them or devour them. Top them with sour cream, cream cheese, butter, or fresh garlic Tzatziki. There are endless medleys.

Our crispbreads come in boxes of two individually wrapped packets so you can enjoy eating them on the go and keep them fresh so you can enjoy the fantastic taste, wherever you are.

Gluten-Free Snacks for UK Wholesalers

If you’re a wholesaler based in the United Kingdom looking for the perfect gluten-free snacks to offer your customers, look no further. We provide wholesale snack options to businesses across the country, offering discounted prices.

We can offer competitive prices for your first order so you can trial our products in-store and find out how much your customers will love them. We’re happy to negotiate discounts off further orders too.

You can count on us for quality gluten-free products and first-class service throughout. The optimal time is invested into our recipes, and we source the very best ingredients so you can be assured that your customers will get nothing but the best.

There are many snacks to choose from, including individually wrapped packs for the foodservice industry, mouthwatering pies and delicious cake.

You can also count on us for vegan, gluten-free products with our unique vegan gluten-free range so your customers with multiple dietary requirements can still find the products they love.

They will come back to you again and again once our unique taste has been discovered. Over 20% of our total sales come from the food export business, and we’ve been praised for our links across the globe.

We’re already trusted by big brands such as co-op, Waitrose, Budgens and Ocado and your business could be the next to benefit. With our range of couriers throughout the country and worldwide, we can get the products to you whether you’re the owner of a local shop or a large service company on the other side of the world.

Why Choose Lovemore for Your Gluten-Free Snacks UK?

Lovemore should be your go-to company for everything gluten-free, whether you have coeliac disease or you’re opting for a healthier lifestyle. Here are some of the reasons why you should choose Lovemore:

  • Passion: We have an absolute passion for crafting and perfecting gluten-free products, and with over ten years in the industry, you can be assured our products are nothing but the best.
  • Customer Service: We go above and beyond with our excellent customer service.
  • An Extensive Range: Whether you’re looking for an indulging treat, a healthy alternative, or something to eat on the go, our extensive range of products has something for everyone. Try our vast range of cake, tarts and biscuit choices, or opt for a healthy crispbread or a treat, rather than relying on accidentally gluten-free food where you have to spend time picking apart the back of the packet. We also offer packs for those in the foodservice industry to meet guests needs with minimal effort.
  • Price: We understand that a gluten-free lifestyle should not break the bank. That’s why we make our pricing fair.
  • Cross Contamination: We understand how important it is to monitor contamination. You can easily view whether the product may have been contaminated with things like nuts on our site.
  • Detailed Nutritional Analysis: Here at Lovemore, we understand that people may be allergic to other ingredients. That’s why we provide an in-depth nutritional analysis for each of our products and list the other things the item is ‘free from. Whether you’re looking for a product that’s both gluten-free and free of peanuts (or completely nut-free), you want a sugar free product, a dairy-free product, a product that’s free from eggs, or you have allergies, the Lovemore site will give you all the information you need. Find out whether the product is MSG-free, yeast-free and more before buying.
  • Vegan Friendly: With our vegan range, you can enjoy the benefits of a vegan diet and not have to worry about gluten. Our products are perfect for vegetarians too.

Lovemore is a world leader in gluten-free foods, with an extensive range and a considerable drive of passion for the product. Whether you’re a wholesaler or an individual, Lovemore should be your go-to brand for all your gluten-free needs. If you’re interested in trying our wide range of gluten-free snacks, check out our products page.

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