Lovemore is fast becoming a market leader in the gluten free world. From our 100% dedicated free from wheat and gluten factory in the UK, we export globally across much of Europe, America, Australia and the Middle East. It seems everyone wants a slice of Lovemore!

Since launching the Lovemore Free From Foods brand in 2008 we’ve seen a boom in the free from market – both through an increased awareness and diagnosis of food intolerances, and through more people becoming selective about what they eat/choosing a healthier lifestyle – and quite rightly so!

Why shouldn’t everyone get what they want?!

We don’t believe you should have to settle for anything less than perfect simply for following a free from diet; you should be able to indulge your sweet-tooth whenever, wherever.

That’s why at Lovemore we have spent years perfecting our pies, creating the crème-de-la-crème of cookies and baking the best biscuits – all gluten and wheat free of course – conveniently available to buy from this website, supermarkets, local retailers and cafes. You can enjoy our Jammy Wheels, chomp on our custard cream or indulge in our oh so delicious O’Choco (all of which are also soya free don’t you know!) in Dagenham or Dubai, Sidmouth or Sydney.

We take huge pride in our Lovemore products tasting just like the real thing, and continually test our goods with consumers as well as our own professional taste testers to ensure we maintain this unbeatable quality.

How did we start?

For 60 years, Lovemore’s manufacturer, Welsh Hills Bakery, has been baking its delicious cakes, pies and tarts. It was in 2001 that the bakery noticed a growing need for gluten and wheat free baked goods and we felt it our duty to fill it!

The decision was made to expand the factory, invest in new machinery and introduce new practices and methods of manufacturing, which allowed Welsh Hills Bakery to operate a totally gluten and wheat free site.

Every delicious cookie, cake, tart and biscuit produced in the factory is guaranteed to contain less than 20 parts per million of Total Gluten content and stringent standards set by the industry ensure this. Testing is a big part of what goes on to create a Lovemore product as, as well as all outgoing products being measured before being released, all incoming ingredients used in our goodies are analysed in our in-house laboratory.

Since the Lovemore brand was launched in 2008, we are now recognised around the world as a leading free from brand – both from retailers and customers alike.

Not bad for a family run bakery whose humble beginnings were delivering bread door to door for 4p a loaf!

Embrace the Free From Lifestyle

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