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Gluten-Free Crispbreads

Gluten-Free Crispbreads

Lovemore Savoury Crispbreads are a delicious guilt-free way to a tasty snack or meal, minus the extra calories.

Hearty crunch and natural taste with no hydrogenated fats, no artificial flavours and no artificial colours.

Lovemore’s crispbreads are an ideal way to increase the feeling of satiety and help digestion. Our gluten free crispbreads have a hearty crunch and are made without adding artificial flavours, colours and hydrogenated fats. They contain only 378kcal, 2.3g fat, 0.5g sugars and 7.9g protein per 100g, making them suitable for everyone on a low-calorie diet and people paying close attention to the amount of carbs they consume throughout the day. Lovemore’s gluten free crispbreads are suitable for vegetarians ,vegans, coeliacs and consumers with milk allergy. Lovemore Crispbreads are made in an allergen free site. They contain two 50g packs which makes them ideal for on-the-go.

Always have a pack or two of our crispbreads at hand, and you’ll never have to think twice about what to snack on. You can crush or dip them into yogurt, top them with fish, cream cheese, butter or jam – the combinations are endless. Eating healthy has never been as fun, delicious and easy. Order our crispbreads today and have them shipped right to you no matter where in the UK you’re located.

This Lovemore snack is both gluten free and vegan!

Wholesale Case Size: 12 Units Per Case