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Shop our extensive range of delicious wheat and gluten-free foods. From Genoa cake slices, apple pies, jam tarts and cherry bakewells to custard gluten free mince pies, custard creams, cookies and biscuits - Lovemore Foods has something to satisfy everyone’s taste buds! All of the products featured on our website have detailed descriptions and nutritional value information, so you can rest assured you know what and how much you’re consuming. Additionally, we’re transparent about the ingredients we use in our products and highlight ingredients that can be potential allergens.

Our range of cakes, crispbreads, cookies, biscuits, tarts and pies also include products suitable for vegans, vegetarians, dairy and coeliac allergy sufferers. We offer packs of cookies, brownies and cake slices at discount prices, so the more you buy - the more you save. You can shop our delicious products in even larger quantities and get even more amazing deals. Satisfying your sweet-tooth with delicious, yet healthy, wheat- and gluten-free foods has never been easier, thanks to Lovemore Foods.

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