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Lovemore, a gluten-free wholesaler you can count on for great quality gluten-free products and first class service from start to finish.

Gluten Free, Cakes, Biscuits and Much More!

Here at Lovemore, we’re proud to be one of UK’s leading providers in gluten-free snacks. With time invested into our recipes and only the best ingredients sourced to ensure that all of our gluten-free snacks are always tasty.

Not only do we serve individual snacks that fill the nations cupboards at home, we also provide wholesale services for our gluten-free products.

Gluten-Free Distributers
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Quality Products You Can be Proud to Sell

For 60 years, Lovemore’s manufacturer, Welsh Hills Bakery, has been baking its delicious cakes, pies and tarts. It was in 2001 that the bakery noticed a growing need for gluten and wheat free baked goods and we felt it our duty to fill it! The decision was made to expand the factory, invest in new machinery and introduce new practices and methods of manufacturing, which allowed Welsh Hills Bakery to operate a totally gluten and wheat free site.

Your New Gluten-Free Wholesaler

As a large retailer or a smaller individual retailer providing only gluten-free food, you want a gluten-free wholesaler you can count on for reliability and also quality of produce. Here at Lovemore we pride ourselves on the commitment we have put in over the past 10 years ensuring our service is always improving and our products are always delicious. We have a wide range of gluten-free snacks to choose from whether it’s cakes you’re looking for or peckish snacks like biscuits, we have it all. With countless snacks to choose from, competitive prices and a reliable delivery service to your warehouse or retail store, we’re a gluten-free wholesaler you can count on.

Gluten-Free Wholesalers

We have access to a network of couriers all across the UK and globally, so whether its supplying a local shop or exporting our products across the world to serve delicious gluten-free products, you can count on us to deliver. As a gluten-free wholesaler all of our products go through quality checks before they’re packaged, again once they’re packaged in their original packaging and once more once they’re placed into the shipping packaging, so you can ensure our products get there in perfect shape, and if they don’t? We’ll be more than happy to resolve this, as our customer service goes further than just the initial purchase.

Our prices are competitive enough for the one off orders so you can trial our products in your store and we’re more than happy to work on further discounts on bigger constant orders. For the ordering process, we’re more than happy for orders to be placed via email or if you’d like to hear more about our company and the service we provide feel free to give us a call.

Industry Leaders of Gluten-Free Products

Why choose Lovemore as your gluten-free wholesaler? Because we have a passion for creating gluten-free products that everyone can enjoy and customer service that goes above and beyond. With over 10 years of experience working in the gluten-free industry, we’ve excelled in how we can provide our products, from starting off as a small bakery, to expanding into a warehouse and supplying our products online, to going on to supply leading retailers globally with our delicious snacks. We’re more than confident that we would be the perfect gluten-free wholesaler for you store, so let’s have a chat!