• Savoury toppings of your choice
  • Lovemore Crispbreads
  • Lovemore Cherry Bakewells
  • Lovemore Raspberry Jam Tarts
  • Lovemore Chocolate Brownies
  • Lovemore Lemon Cake Slices
  • Lovemore Fruit Cake Slices
  • Lovemore O’Chocos


Afternoon tea is a traditional pastime, but usually one that coeliacs and those who are gluten intolerant have to avoid – so why not have your own at home? Whether rain or shine, a Lovemore afternoon tea is the ideal solution for a Sunday afternoon treat or to impress guests. (We bet they won’t even notice that it’s completely gluten free!)


The first step is to prepare your crispbreads.

Break your crispbreads in half for dainty square portions that’ll look great when serving. Next you’ll need some toppings to compete with those traditional mini sandwich flavours! We’ve tried loads of different recipes, but here are our favourite savoury options…

The classic afternoon tea smoked salmon and soft cheese

Cater to the avocado trend with the tasty parma ham and avocado combination

Crowd-pleasing cheese and cucumber

Gluten free chicken pate with tomato chutney – deliciously rich with an extra tang

There’s sure to be something here for all taste buds!

Now moving onto the sweets, grab a selection of Lovemore gluten free cakes, biscuits and tarts. For that perfect afternoon tea feel we recommend our versions of true British classics like bakewell tarts, jam tarts and fruit cake. Chocolate brownie, lemon cake, and our O’Chocos biscuits are also sure to go down a treat!

All you need to do after selecting your cakes is to arrange these and your topped crispbreads onto a cake stand and, of course, serve up a nice pot of tea.

A gluten free solution that’s yummy, and quick and easy to prepare… What’s not to love?