Chocolate Brownie Ice Cream Cake


  • 180g pack of Lovemore Chocolate brownies
  • Vanilla ice cream
  • Fudge sauce
  • Candy sprinkles


This completely gluten free recipe is perfect for a sweet and cooling treat on those warm summer days…

Firstly, you’ll need to line a small tin with wax paper.

Then it’s time to grab your pack of Lovemore chocolate brownies! Cut them all in half lengthways and press into the bottom of the tin, trying to avoid leaving any gaps.

Next you can spread the (lightly softened) vanilla ice cream evenly all over the top of the brownie base, how tall you go is entirely up to you!

This can then be popped into the freezer for around 2 hours, or until the ice cream is firm again.

Once your ice cream is set you can remove your cake from the tin and cut into wedges.

Decorate by drizzling yummy fudge sauce and for the final touch throw on a pinch of candy sprinkles.

Then all that’s left to do is tuck in… Enjoy!