Gluten free demand at an all time high

Once dubbed a ‘fad’, the free from market shows no sign of slowing down.

The UK market alone is now estimated to be worth an incredible £800 million, and is forecast to increase by as much as 50% by 2021. According to IRI research in 2017, the number of people buying free from food products in Britain has now reached a third and, upon questioning, 19% of consumers said they would spend more on such products in 2018.

Supermarkets are expanding their free from shelf space to keep up with demand – a space that was once was very restricted is opening up to make way for larger ranges, more options, and products that appeal to those of all ages.

And did you know? According to organisation Coeliac UK, a staggering 1 in 100 people in the UK have Coeliac disease.

As more and more people are diagnosed due to increased awareness, this number will only rise further and this means the gluten free food offering must always be looking to broaden and adapt. With huge numbers of people turning to free from foods for health reasons or to simply add variety to their diet, there is clearly an unwavering demand to continue innovating new and exciting products.

So what does this mean for the gluten free food industry? Well for Lovemore, it means continuing to explore new recipes, ingredients and methods to ensure these people never have to miss out on great tasting food! With our on-going research into these areas, we are able to add new delicious baked treats to our range year on year.

Following a gluten free diet is challenging to say the least, but here at Lovemore we like to think we provide that much needed relief. Our customers know they’re in safe hands as all our products are produced from an entirely gluten free dedicated factory and are branded with the trusted Crossed Grain Symbol.


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