Coeliac prescription cuts: what to do next

Following recent government cuts, many of you may be asking the question: Is gluten free food no longer on prescription?

As many of our customers are coeliac, we are regularly contacted with questions and concerns about following a free from diet. Needless to say, the challenges that those with coeliac face on a day to day basis are not to be scoffed at, with the stress of potential contamination, having to attentively read often confusing ingredients lists, and not knowing where to turn for reliable foods.

On 1st February of this year, the government’s Department of Health announced their decision to offer only gluten free breads and flour mixes on prescription in England. This is part of a series of cuts the government are making on prescriptions due to the significant financial pressure on the NHS. They faced strong opposition from the charity Coeliac UK, who campaigned to ensure at least some products remained on the prescription list. Although the outcome could have been worse, these gluten free prescription restrictions undoubtedly have those with this difficult autoimmune disease concerned.

Despite this DH decision, in some regions access to gluten free prescriptions has been entirely removed. This is because CCGs (Clinical Commissioning Groups) retain control of what they provide despite these new national prescribing guidelines for gluten free food. To find out how your local area will be affected, take a look at this gluten free prescribing map created by Coeliac UK.

With more cuts likely in the future due to issues within the NHS, those with the disease will have to become increasingly reliant on the free from offering of their local supermarket. Navigating the free from world can indeed be daunting at first, and with more and more brands offering gluten free ‘versions’ of their products it’s hard to know where to turn for reliable foods with the best value.

Quick Tip: When shopping for gluten free products, look out for the internationally recognised Crossed Grain Symbol! All of the Lovemore products bear this gluten free certification, which is promoted by coeliac organisations worldwide and is a sign of safety and integrity.

It’s important to remember – everyone with coeliac disease deserves to have a varied and enjoyable diet! There isn’t always enough time to make baked treats from scratch, especially if you have a whole family to feed, so the key thing to do is find products that you love and can reach for again and again. Here at Lovemore, we are constantly innovating new products that taste just as good as gluten-containing alternatives, so that no one has to miss out on delicious baked goods.

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